The Association of Friends of the Fair of Castro de Rei prepared, after of lot drudgery, a route that goes from the Viladonga hillfort to the capital of the council, Castro de Rei (or vice versa).

This route, opened and signalized from June of 1998, crosses zones of mount to to raise the Cordal and later it goes by the borders of the Azúmara river (from which it takes his name), to side of old mills and singulars footbridges among other samples of popular architecture, in surroundings where still it is possible to enjoy the Galician native vegetation.

The way also passes through the old facilities of the mine of arsenical pyrite of Toxeiros Vellos, in which the mouth of the gallery was even prepared that took blinded from the Forties.

The Road of the Azúmara, that can be followed using a pamphlet written by lucense author Lois Diéguez, is an example of collaboration between neighbors for the promotion and involution of the natural, patrimonial and also tourist values of an historical region like the one of Castro de Rei.